The Arab Regional Center for World Heritage (ARC-WH) is a Category 2 Center under the auspices of UNESCO. It was established on February5 2010 as an autonomous and independent legal entity at the service of Arab States Parties to the World Heritage Convention.


Strengthen the implementation of the 1972 World Heritage Convention in the Arab States Region, by strengthening application of the decisions and recommendations of the World Heritage Committee for the benefit of World Heritage properties in the region.


  1. Act as a relay for the action of the WHC and its partners in the Arab States region by federating regional energies around the conservation, promotion and presentation of the region’s cultural and natural heritage.
  2. Take measures to redress the imbalance and improve the representativity of Arab States properties on the World Heritage List.
  3. Promote better protection and management of such World Heritage properties.
  4. Mobilize regional and international financial support for these purposes.
  5. Raise awareness of World Heritage in the region.


  1. Provide information relating to the World Heritage Convention and its application,
  2. Develop an Arabic language web site,
  3. Translate and public relevant documents,
  4. Promote the establishment of new conservation programs at universities,
  5. Provide assistance in order to improve Arab states capacity in implementing the World Heritage Convention (including understanding of World Heritage policy, concepts, rules of procedure, preparation of tentative lists, preparation of nominations, monitoring of state of conservation, education programs, etc.),
  6. Facilitate the organization of appropriate World Heritage training at ARC-WH’s premises or anywhere else in the region,
  7. Respond to requests for assistance by Arab States region,
  8. Provide logistical and financial support for regional activities in support of the World Heritage Convention including hosting of meetings, conferences, training workshops or exhibitions in the region;
  9. Identify appropriate facilities and services for planned meetings of UNESCO and other international institutions in the region,
  10. Raise funds to support World Heritage activities in the region.

The Centre shall pursue the above objectives and perform the above functions in close coordination with existing UNESCO entities, initiatives and programmes concerned with the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the Arab States region.