ARC-WH Governing Board visits the Hawar Islands of Bahrain

Following the 7th Governing Board meeting of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH), ARC-WH and its governing board members visited the Hawar Islands, located south of the Kingdom of Bahrain on 20 February 2018. During the field visits, ARC-WH and its board members explored various locations, cultural and natural, on the main island of Hawar, including mountainous and rocky formation that contained clear sings of ancient cultural civilizations. A large number of local gazelle, known as Ghazal Al-Reem were also seen. Visits to Bandar Nakhla and east of Hawar were also included. ARC-WH and its board members explored archaeological sites that contained evidence from the Islamic era, including the remains of a mosque that was found during the excursion. The tour also included the “Had al-Dhib” area which is situated in the southernmost tip of the main Hawar Islands. This area boasted spectacular land and seascapes. Dr. Shadia Touqan, Director of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage explained that ARC-WH, in cooperation with local and international organizations, would provide the necessary support to the national authorities to protect the site and ensure a comprehensive and sustainable management would be instilled to safeguard the cultural and natural components of Hawar.